True Science
Science: "to know"

Facts are what we know about any given subject. However, facts have to be interpreted or they have no meaning.  We need to be able to separate our interpretation of the facts from the facts themselves.  Our interpretation of the facts is a story we are telling about the facts which may or may not be true.

Science has to do with a search for knowledge and truth.  The word "science" means "to know."  Let's take the Universe for example.  What do we actually know about the Universe?  We know from observation that the universe exists.  We also know that the Universe appears to be expanding.


A naturalist believes the Universe is expanding because of a big explosion from a state of nothingness.  A theist believes the Universe is expanding because a Supreme Being spoke it into existence out of a state of nothingness, much closer to the Earth, then moved it outward leaving a trail of light coming back to us at the speed of light.  Either possibility would yield the same results, as far as what we observe.

Both beliefs are based on philosophical worldview interpretations.  All we know is that the Universe exists and appears to be expanding.  

The Law of Cause and Effect would indicate that everything that exists in our whole universe has a cause.  But was it a natural cause or a supernatural one?  Will which ever explanation you and I have chosen have any effect on the reality of what actually happened?

Can you separate what you "know" from what you actually just "believe"?  Should science be restricted to just what we "know" about this world around us and what it does; and perhaps leave the "Why" and "When" questions to a Philosophy class concerning origins?

Until we each learn to separate our search for truth from our chosen philosophical worldview; our search for absolute truth will always be hindered. 

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